Thursday, 7 February 2008

somewhere someone must know the ending

Thanks everyone for the huge applause on the jacket. I loved all the claps and cheering. It meant a lot!

I'm happy to report that I'm starting to overcome the shock of actually cutting the jacket. Even the next morning, I woke up feeling anxious and kind of avoided it. But Sean made me look at it and see that yes, it was really all fine, apart from a few of those little loose bits which I don't think will prove to be too troublesome if I'm careful with them and fix them well.

This doesn't mean I've touched it. It's still sitting on the dining table (clearly our dining table is more often used for stuff, rather than eating at!) and I plan to have a go at it on the weekend when I've got a decent length of time to do so.

I will actually be spending the vast majority of the weekend alone because Sean is off to relive his youth at the Iron Maiden show in Sydney.

Isn't he multi-faceted? Fabulous knitting supporter, cook, sock blocker maker AND metal fan. Me, I'm not so into the metal but hey, I used to go out with a guy who loved Mariah Carey. Spot the music lover with more integrity! We're both big music lovers and have respect for each other's divergent tastes (as long as no one tries to play Mariah Carey. That could be grounds for divorce).

It's gonna be a nice weekend. Just me, the jacket, some fun with stash and more than likely a bottle of something very enjoyable.

In the interests of giving myself some short term joy, however, I've cast on my first pair of Fetching.

What a fun pattern! I always assumed they would be. The yarn is Farmhouse "Bessie" which was a gift last year from Amy in Rhode Island. It's been marinating in the stash since then. I always suspected it would be either mittens or something like it and I think Fetching is the perfect pattern for it. It's a good, solid yarn knitting up in a tight fabric and I couldn't be happier with it.

And it's good to find reasons to feel happy after a shitty day in which you found out you didn't get the job you felt you had a very good chance of getting. I found out today and can't speak or write about it because I'm too angry. So I won't.

There have been just a few too many disappointments around here lately and I'd like to know when it's going to stop. Something's gotta give. Thank God it's the weekend - almost.