Saturday, 9 February 2008

Saturday bliss

Sean and two of his younger brothers left this morning to drive to Sydney for this:

(I had no idea Iron Maiden had so many images of death on their album covers. I tried to find one that was less, well, deathly, and couldn't).

Meanwhile, I sat down to view this:

It's the movie Once. I saw it last year and have obsessively listened to the soundtrack ever since (it's about as far from Iron Maiden as you could get, by the way).

Boy meets girl and things don't go the way of usual boy meets girl movies. They sing some fabulous music in the meantime. I've listened to the soundtrack so much since I got it that I pretty much sang along with all the harmonies while working on this:

See that? It's the completed right shoulder. Five hours of, give or take a bit of time taken off to:

a) rip out mistakes
b) check emails
c) boil the kettle
d) put on another load of washing; and
e) cover my grey roots.

But it's done and I get how it's all gonna come together now. I really get it. One more shoulder strap and a funny bit in between and that's it.

Oh, except for the button band.

I really don't believe it.

Now I'm off to the Multicultural Festival in town with Olivia and Kuka and we're gonna eat all sorts of ethnic food and undoubtedly have a few drinks.

I think I deserve it.

I'm sure Sean's going to have a ball at Iron Maiden, but frankly, I think I'm in for the better night. But no doubt he would say the same. As he should.