Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Standing on the edge

Last night, I finished off the final few rows of the neck and then crocheted the steek. Apologies for the digitally enhanced photos. Lighting was poor and concentration low after hours of this.

It was pretty easy really. Just working my way up the steek panel and then back down again.

It's kinda hard to explain, but easy to do. Basically, you're securing the third stitch in the panel to the stitches either side of it so that it looks like it does in the photo below.

Which means that tonight, I cut. When you pull this line apart, there's a ladder of horizontal rungs up the middle. That's the bit I will take to with scissors.

Sean and I lay in bed last night after I'd done the crochet, talking about how freaking long it's taken me to get here.

I said, do you think it will be anti-climactic?

He said, it's bound to be.

We agree anti-climactic is a lot better than the thought of me crying out, 'oh my God! Nooooooo!'

It's gonna be fine. I just know it.

I'll be back.