Monday, 4 February 2008

Kindly nods

Recently, Bellsknits has been given a few very kindly nods from around the place, in the form of a couple of different blogger awards.

These are lovely things. They're a way for people to say 'I really like and enjoy what you do!'

I was given these nods by Rachael of All It Took Was Just One Stitch, Donna-Lee of What You Think on Grows and Terri of Lilypily Yarns.

Rhiannon of Knitty Bug gave me the 'Spread the Love' nod.

All of these are blogs I have read for quite some time now and thoroughly enjoyed. So thanks guys! It means a lot and your blogs and friendship always make my day.

Today, of the two, I'm awarding the Make My Day award.

Pondering how to respond, I considered Amy's response to her nods, which was to say that many, many blogs make her day. I almost went down that path. It's a good one.

RoseRed went down another path that I also liked (giving nods to relatively new additions to her blog reading list) and so I'm going to borrow a little bit from both my dear friends.

Incidentally, RoseRed and I were concurrently nominated several times. It's both funny and gratifying. We work together very closely and share vast quantities of cyber-time together. If I hadn't nominated her for other awards already, as well as generally just being very open about what a fan I am, I'd have given her the big nod today, too. But I think I'll cast my net a little wider today!

So here, in no particular order, are a few nods of my own, given in the direction of some blogs I'm either loving getting to know or who don't appear to be as widely known as they should be or who I have loved for a long and haven't mentioned before. I don't think I'm going to do 10 but I'll see how I go.

KgirlKnits - Kgirl was my swap partner in the Ravelry tea cosy swap and she sent me amazing stuff. Her kindness and generosity shows through in her swap packages and her blog. And she saw Rufus Wainwright a few nights ago. I'm still recovering from the bout of jealousy.

Chronic Ennui - I love Kim's blog. Have done for ages. I call her the Queen of Instant Gratification Projects. In between her larger projects, she churns out smaller, beautiful, inspiring projects that I am forever adding to my must do list.

Pins n Needles - Carol started out blogging about quilting. Then she moved onto digi-scrapping. What she can't do with a photo and a bit of text isn't worth knowing. She's got this series called Things that Never Really Happened where she takes an old photo and makes up a short, often hilarious story to go with it. It kills me. I'm on at her to get them published. I think they are fantastic.

A Room of My Own - Kylie is an ex-Canberran and long suffering PhD writer. I get sad if Kylie doesn't post for a couple of days (not to mention a little worried). She's got so much wit and charm and talent. It always makes my day to see her posts.

Writer's Lane- This is Amy, also referred to from time to time as Writer Amy, if I'm mentioning her at home. To differentiate her from Rhode Island Amy. Amy's a writer (of books I cannot get here and will eventually purchase from Amazon. I swear). Vampires and romance and God knows what else. As a Buffy fan, I really ought to get more acquainted with vampire lit although I'm sure that's not the technical term for Amy's writing and she may in fact shoot me for insinuating as much.

But Amy gets the nod because her wild and crazy outpourings, filled with as much heart and humour as a mother of four with a full time job and a literary career can muster always make my day.

So there you have it. My nods. That felt good. And these are just knitting blogs. I didn't even touch the food blogs, the gardening blogs, the infertility blogs or the photography blogs!