Thursday, 21 February 2008

Too much!!

I have too much on the go and too much temptation, I just decided.

Check this out. Where I sit, right now I have this beside me - the basket of sock yarn which is supposed to be a sort of 'yarn art' display but lately is just becoming a reminder of all the sock yarn I'm not working through fast enough:

To my left is the selection of books from which I could choose patterns for this yummy stuff:

Nearby, is a pile of socks in progress

Second sock syndrome plagues me still, which is dumb, because I love these socks. I think I am VERY good at finishing socks on demand (gift socks, commissions etc) but not so good at finishing socks for myself. How silly is that? Who loves my socks better than I do?

Also close by is the jacket.

My evenings, as I said on Monday, are screwed for concentrated knitting while I'm getting used to a new job, which is probably why all but plain socks have come to a screaming halt. I'm claiming a few hours on the weekend all for myself.

On top of all this I want to knit socks for my nephew's birthday in March - that should be fine. How fast will a pair of toddler socks go? Pretty bloody fast, I imagine.

And another thing, there are way too many people around me having babies and while i want to knit for them, and think I might, I think I could be forgiven, considering my own baby making issues, for being a bit so-so on the idea.

I think I'll be able to overcome it though by making a Baby Surprise Jacket. Making one of those is about figuring out how the hell those things are made and joining the thronging masses who proclaim the greatness of the pattern. That'll probably be a way through it for me.

Finally, I got a package in the mail. I left a comment on a blog I didn't know well recently. I followed the link from a ravelry group and lo and behold I won a prize! It came all the way from Michigan, from Melissa of MLO Knitting.

It was a basket!

And inside were goodies!

A novel, some really lovely notepaper, Hershey's playing cards and some home made spicy ketchup. Given our chilli fixation around here, that was an excellent inclusion. So thanks Melissa - your generosity was greatly appreciated!

One last thing, if you've made it this far, head over to Southern Summer of Socks and vote on some great Socks on Holiday photos. RoseRed and I are holding a contest and the winning photographer will get some great prizes!