Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday. Sigh.

Thanks for all the fabulous zucchini suggestions in the last post. I'm very keen to try them and with the bounty showing no signs of stopping any time soon, I most likely will get to try many of them!

I started out with a Chocolate and Zucchini cake recommended by Tinkingbell. I made it in my lovely bundt tin which I just adore.

Doesn't it look impressive? Sadly, I think I overcooked it as it turned quite dry. I possibly think that when I was sticking the cake tester in, I should have taken into account that it's most likely meant to be quite moist and shouldn't have kept putting it back in. I ended up overcooking it by about 15 minutes. Too long. The flavour is heavenly. The texture is less so. I shall try again. With all that chocolate, a hefty dose of cinnamon and heaps of zucchini and walnuts, it's a winner.

I started some new socks on the weekend when I was feeling most frustrated with the Steeked Jacket (see below). These are Pomatomus and I've been wanting to do them for ever so long. God Bless Cookie. She's a genius. I chose to use some of Donyale's Burnt Butter, which I think was just made for a pattern like this! Donni is a genius, too.

I had to do something positive, knitting wise. The Steeked Jacket was seriously pissing me off on the weekend. I really don't have far to go at all, but what's left is Not Fun. I'm only working on about 40 stitches, across the back of the neck, but I have to purl and when I purl, I have to do the pattern backwards. Needless to say I get confuzzled sometimes and that doesn't make for great knitting. So I'm taking it slowly. No rush, right? No point in screwing it up at this late stage.

Oh and I have a new avatar. Sean showed me how to take a photo of myself with his new computer and then jazz it up with effects so I look like somebody else. I think I might have found a new way to lose an hour of my life whenever the mood strikes.