Thursday, 27 March 2008

EZ as Pi

You know, I thought I was so clever for thinking up that title. Then I googled it. Turns out many have been there before me and written things about our beloved Elizabeth Zimmermann using that very same title.

Let's just say, as EZ herself would, that I unvented (discovered for myself something already thought of by someone else) it. That seems to fit nicely.

Anyway, the reason for the Elizabeth Zimmermann post is this.

This is just 200g of the almost 2kg I have of this wool. It's from Bendigo Woollen Mills and I bought it some time in the last two years from ebay. The intention was always to knit a jumper for Sean out of it but that hasn't eventuated. We could never decide on the right jumper for him.

A few nights ago, we were watching TV and noticing a distinct chill in the room. No, not the tension between us. But the arrival of autumn! We both love cold weather so much so we are naturally delighted at this most welcome change.

Sean mused, 'I'd love it if you'd knit me a blanket.' (I think maybe he said blanky, but that'd be too embarrassing to put in print. Oops. I just did!)

Now, he has one already. It's a crocheted granny square lap rug from the turn of the century (I love saying that). It's perfectly serviceable (as my mum would say) but I guess we're probably just both a bit bored with it.

I grabbed the laptop from where it sat at my feet and headed, of course, to Ravelry and soon had in front of me the perfect project.

An Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl - but knit as a blanket. I've been reading The Knitter's Almanac as my sleep-time reading on and off for a while and I always linger over the Pi Shawl pages.

I showed him some photos from BrooklynTweed's blog where he did a Pi shawl blanket in a nice, manly, tweedy sort of yarn. He was happy.

Soon, I shall cast on. Soon.

And if the idea of knitting a heavy blanket doesn't herald the arrival of cooler weather, I don't what does. Except for maybe soup.

Off to Sydney this week to shop for buttons for the Steeked Jacket in Newtown, with RoseRed. And to attend Willem's fourth birthday party.

Stay tuned for a complete and detailed run down of the entire weekend of fun. Next week.