Monday, 24 March 2008

And so it ends

Easter, that is. And with it, the hibernation. It's been a good short break, quietly fueled by wool, food, wine and the garden.

Who needs to get on those busy roads if you can avoid it?

The break ended with a final catch up with Tinkingbell, who heads back to Tassie in the next couple of days. After such a hastily arranged first meeting earlier in the week, it was great, for all of us who were there, I'm sure, to have the luxury of more time with her.

Knitters are such good people, don't you think? I'm fortunate to know and now treasure such good friends in this tight knit (ha ha) little community. I love knowing women who are good and kind and supportive. The older I get the less time I have for people who want to be otherwise. I'm just not interested. Life's too short.


I finished some socks. RoseRed dubbed these, when I was dreaming them up, Ribbed for Her Socks because, well they're for a woman and they've got a ribbed panel down the back.

They're a well overdue birthday gift for a work friend who asked for some after months of watching my continual sock parade. So now she will have her own.

Just a basic pattern in Sullivans sock yarn. I chose this colour because she admired some vibrant Koigu I had last year and this was the closest I could find.

The ribbing actually has a function. She has feet larger than mine and is quite tall so I wasn't sure on certain dimensions. I didn't want to knit the whole thing in rib (yawn) so the panel of rib gives it a bit more structure, I hope.

I keep reading bad things about Sullivans - sure it's kind of a generic, cheap sock yarn but I've used it twice now and for a good sturdy yarn, I'd say you can't go wrong.

I also finished Will's socks but will post those when they're on his feet next weekend. There ends my gift sock knitting for the next little while. And no more plain socks. As soon as the lingering socks are off the needles, I'm onto more interesting patterns.