Monday, 31 March 2008

Gifts and a Stowaway

When I was visiting RoseRed, we exchanged anniversary gifts. As she said in her own post, we are a pair of gumbies but hey, any excuse to choose gifts for a friend, right? She's always so fun to buy for.

Here's a shot of my goodies from RoseRed.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop (have long wanted this!), two skeins of beautiful lace weight malabrigo (purchased from the brand new Aussie supplier, Yarn and Kisses), junior mints (because I LOVE them), a set of Buffy playing cards (what a giggle!) and a mug featuring a poster from WWII - with a phrase that, as RoseRed said, would have been quite well suited to the final stages of the Steeked Jacket!

Thank you, my dear. You rock.

To answer a few questions that have been asked:

- Yes, I will write up the recipe for the vibrantly coloured green soup from last week;
- Yes, I will post photos of the buttons I chose for the jacket, once they're on the jacket;

And I had no idea those ball pits were germ breeding grounds. I thought it just looked like a fun, safe thing to do. So far I'm ok. No deathly lurgie has attacked me. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


Somewhere between Sydney and Canberra on Sunday, we discovered a stowaway in the car.

See this yarn? It's NOT MINE!

I got out of the car at a truck stop on the Federal Highway and this minx lurched out of the car, wanting to get a breath of fresh air, all the while posing for photos like a superstar.

I recognised it right away. I'd seen it the night before, nestled in one of RoseRed's stash drawers.

How on earth it made it into our car, I'll never know, but it seems I'm stuck with it until I see RoseRed next. The yarn tells me she needed to get out, see the world, experience life, that life in the drawer was wearing her down.

I'm not sure how hanging out with me is going to meet that desire but you know, whatever floats your boat, right?

I'm sorry, RoseRed. It wasn't my fault. Clearly you don't let your stash get out enough.