Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New socks and more on the stowaway

First up, some finished socks, my last pair for Southern Summer of Socks which RoseRed and I feel has been a tremendous success - fabulous output from our many participants and lots of exposure to new blogs we'd not seen before.

These are my Dublin Bay socks from Mossy Cottage. Just loved them.

The yarn was Vesper from Knitterly Things and was a gift from Mad, Mad Rachel last year. Don't let the fact that I started them last October indicate my feelings about the socks. Christmas knitting and the steeked jacket took over and I did the second one in about a week and a bit. I'll do this again. The lace panel is fabulous. And those stripes!! Oh my. Chalk these ones up to fun!


Now, for those of you curious about the stowaway yarn from the last post, here's an update. I was afraid she'd have such a good time I'd never get rid of her, but I think so far, there's little risk of that. Life's a bit dull around here at the moment.

To be honest, we've gotten off to a rather slow start. It's been a fairly ordinary week and I have a feeling that she thought life on the outside held the promise of freedom and wonder.

Not so.

On Tuesday, she got a bus ride. Although I suppose if you've lived a buttoned up life in a cramped prison cedar chest, perhaps getting a bus ride smacks of liberation.

But I think we could do better.

She'd already been to work with me and, unsurprisingly, she found my salt mine not much less liberating than the prison she came from. Although the internet connection was better. Apparently RoseRed has her sock yarn on dial up, and even then only for 5 minutes a day. We fought over who had the mouse most of the day.

To be honest, she was kind of tiresome. I kept having to make her cups of tea although I suspect she was just getting me to take the long walk to the kitchen so she could email her friends and talk on the phone.

I think it was Michelle who suggested she was an errant teenager. Quite possibly, there's something to that theory. She's been telling me she's a refugee, but actually I think she just wants to rebel against her mother. Next thing she'll be getting a piercing and tattoos.

Then, since it was Tuesday, she got to go out for an exclusive little lunch with George and Michelle. She'd never had noodles. The horror! Imagine a life without noodles?!

She said the seafood pad thai rocked.

I think under the oppressive regime of the despot her mother, RoseRed, sock yarn has developed an obsession with technology. Between her internet obsession and her desire to use the phone, it's pretty clear what's missing in that cedar chest.
But at least in the free world, there's a chance she'll become something.

This is Michelle's crocus scarf, made from her cousin. The two of them connected. Bonded. It was beautiful. I don't know what she was saying to the scarf, but she had the scarf in absolute stitches! (Sorry, I had to).

Tomorrow, her first pub experience. I'm already wondering if it's a bad move.