Monday, 10 March 2008

Publicly displaying my lunacy

Sometimes when you put your thoughts out into the world, you look back on them and realise, in a scarily short amount of time, that you just had a dumb thought, or even several of them, in public.

Yesterday's post where I wrote about my gauge issues was one such post. More than a few readers made note of the fact that if my gauge showed I was getting more stitches per inch than I needed, why the hell was I going down to smaller needles?

Well might you ask. The answer is, I don't know. I was getting myself into quite a state over it and I really think I was just so bent on doing a project that had a moderately fine gauge that I was going to do that, no matter what. Talk about wasting a week. I blame the fertility drugs. That's my excuse for the absolute lunacy that has been my attempt at knitting this week.

It was Happy Spider who very kindly pointed out that the problem was that the pattern called for Aran weight and I am working in 8ply. I had kind of twigged to that but was still hoping to get some joy but Happy Spider knows I am a tight knitter and knows that to get gauge I'd have to go up to much bigger needles than I could ever really be happy working with. She also made the valid point that you have to sell a kidney to get aran weight cotton in this fine land.

So this is where Sitcom Chic and I part ways. She has been supplanted by something for which I achieved perfect gauge last night.

Same designer (Bonne Marie Burns). Different pattern. In beautifully soft Zara, which I bought at a recent $2 sale at our beloved Cassidy's. That's going to be a $20 cardigan. Cant beat that. It's going to be simple and elegant and if I like it, I can see myself making several in different colours.

Now I am happy.