Saturday, 19 April 2008

The colours of autumn

So today was the first day of my week's leave from work. Ok, it was Saturday, and I'm not the kind of crazy person who'd work on a Saturday anyway, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I have days ahead of me stretched out, with no work.

Well, not the paid kind.

We've got a running joke about how we have so many 'jobs' to do that the list is just too long and we'll never get them all done, which is probably true, because when it comes down to it, on any given day, if offered the chance, I'd plonk myself down on the couch with the knitting in a heartbeat.

No doubt, that's exactly what some days will amount to because dammit, I'm on some not particularly nice drugs right now and I think I'm going to have days when I just don't feel great.

Today was a gloriously grey day.

We've had so few of them so far that it just feels wonderful. We've had no chance to get over them yet.

In strange contrast to the greyness, I ran around the yard capturing the last of the colour.

We've got purple brachyscome.

A yellow flower I can't identify, but it's something native.

The last of the roses against autumn leaves.

I took my pi shawl blanky outside. It was the first time I'd seen it in proper daylight since I added the purple ring. I like it!

This is great dinner party knitting. I can chat and focus on my guests and keep knitting happily for hours, which is exactly what I did tonight. Nice.

Oh, someone, I can't remember who, asked in the comments how the increase rows happen. They're just Knit 1, YO all the way around.

The eyelet rows, every sixth row between, are Knit2 tog, yo, all the way around. The effect is the same, so you don't notice the difference between the increase rows and the eyelet rows. Still loving it. Ever single stitch.

Soon, I'll draw a winner for the blogoversary contest. Stay tuned. It's just one of my many jobs to achieve this week.