Monday, 21 April 2008

On gardening and hoodlums

What a day. For so long, our front yard has looked neglected. Not that you'd know, because I only ever do macro shots.

Like this kangaroo paw that we planted today.

And this this Correa we also planted today.

Sean says I overuse macro shots and I take his point, but I don't think the kangaroo paw or the correa are half so interesting in a longer shot. So I stick to my guns and take macro shots, because mostly, the longer shots don't look so good. See?

Still, I imagine it'll look better when these babies have grown. They're fresh and tiny right now.

To show him though that I am capable of taking more than macro shots, here are some images of the work we've done.

This is the front bed

I'm excited about this plant. It's a calistemon and we planted it commemorate a date that's special to us.

In spring and summer it'll have lovely big bottle brush shaped red flowers. And it'll grow really tall.

We built a 'no dig garden' bed right along our back fence (that's a 21m/68ft line) and planted tiny little pittosporums.

Georgie tells me they're a bit on the weedy side - as in some people consider them environmentally dodgy. But we plan to keep them neat and trimmed. We'll be responsible. Wouldn't want to be environmental vandals now, would we?

Right at the end though, when I was taking photos out the front, three boys, aged about 12 or 13 walked past and started abusing me. They told me my plants were gay (what is WITH that? Why is gay such a term of abuse?) and when I, in rather strong language, told them where to get off, they fired back with colourful and aggressive abuse, calling me some terrible names and vowed to come back and kick my plants in.

It makes me feel sick, like I should be out there on guard to protect all our hard work. What's the world coming to? And since when did I become a fuddy duddy who rails against kids because of my plants? Dear oh dear.

Tomorrow, there's no hard work. Just heading off to the Southern Highlands to spend the day with RoseRed. It's about half way between our homes so it's an excellent way to catch up without having to drive the full three hours.

You would be right if you suspected we'd be checking out the odd yarn shop or three.

Yay for time off work!