Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A day in the country

Yesterday was our day trip to the Southern Highlands - or more specifically, two small towns called Berrima and Bowral, where we were to meet RoseRed.

The day started out promisingly grey. This is the view out over Lake George, which, as you can quite clearly see, is not a lake at all and hasn't been for a long time.

Sean and I arrived in Berrima ages before RoseRed did. We were early. Very early. We hung out with a pig.
Don't ask why. He was just cute and seemed like he could use a cuddle.

Sean headed off to Bowral to meet a mate who was getting the train in from Sydney for the expressed purpose of drinking beers with Sean in a local watering hole. Clearly, I would be driving home.

I took photos while waiting for RoseRed to arrive. This is the main street of Berrima.

Some colours of autumn.

A little heritage listed cottage on which there is a sign explaining it was formerly the butcher shop in around 1867.

Once RoseRed arrived, the real fun began. Tea and scones in The White Horse Inn, followed by disappointment in the alpaca store (RoseRed couldn't get what she was after) and then a spot of fabric shopping.

I'm going to continue my sewing endeavours with those.

Then, onto Bowral and Wool Addiction, which is just as delightful a wool store as you are ever likely to find and also doubles as my contribution to the "This Is My..." meme this week. The subject for this week is This is My....Latest Discovery. Wool Addiction. I had no idea such a wonderful shop was so close to home. It's got everything.

Including Noro. Which I bought. I had to. Just two skeins mind.

Later, when we met up with Sean and he tried to guess the price per skein, I laughed and laughed and laughed at his first estimate. He didn't. For the uninitiated, of which I was one until yesterday, Noro Silk Garden is part silk, part kid mohair, part lambs wool. Sigh. Once explained to him, Sean understood entirely.

At the pub, RoseRed and her Cherry Tree Hill yarn were reunited. Cherry didn't want to leave me at first, but was soon convinced to return to her mum.

Lastly, RoseRed produced, from the boot of her car, a box. She called it a Box of Happy.

This is a very special box. It's to help me endure the trials of IVF, which I'm going through at the moment. Each time I need a spot of happiness, I'm to reach into the box and find something to unwrap. It's utterly perfect. Thank you, RoseRed, for this and for a fabulous day.