Friday, 25 April 2008

FO 2008: Fetching Mitts

It's ANZAC Day today. For the foreign readers, this is a day of rememberance for Australians and New Zealanders. We remember those who have fought for our nations. I may not have gone to a dawn service, but I did watch one on TV.

In the afternoon, my little sister came to visit. I got her to model my recently finished Fetching mitts.

I had a cunning plan at play here. I have been wanting to knit some for her but wasn't sure she'd like them. So I asked her to model them for me and she was so very enamoured with them, I don't think there was any chance she wouldn't ask me to make some for her. Too easy. There's nothing like letting the item speak for itself!

These were made from yarn that Amy in Rhode Island sent me as a swap gift last year. It marinated in the stash until I decided what it needed to be.

It's Farmhouse Yarns "Bessie" worsted weight. This is such a great company - they call their yarns after the sheep the yarn comes from. Too cute.

This yarn had that solid, scratchy feel that in so many yarns can be a little off putting at first but once you start knitting with it, and most importantly, once you wash it, it's fabulous. And the colours! It's not entirely clear in these photos but there are so many shades of green and blue in this yarn. It's gorgeous.

I had to make sure Fee didn't leave with the mitts stuffed into her bag. They're that good looking!

I've had a couple of baking firsts in the last day or two. I made scones for Fee's visit for afternoon tea. When she and her boyfriend arrived, I announced these were my first scones.

"You've never made them before!" was the cry.

Yes, it's true. I haven't. These are buttermilk scones. I don't know why I've never made them before. Clearly, there was a huge, buttermilk scone shaped hole in my life that has now been filled. Thank God.

Then, in an attempt to start dealing with the mountains of spinach in the garden, I made spanakopita, or Greek spinach pie. This has been snack/lunch food during the day when we've been busy painting our spare room.

And between all that, I've been lusting. See this?

RoseRed included it in the Box of Happy and when I found it* on Wednesday, I was in awe. Noro on Tuesday. Jaeger Silk on Wednesday. My stash is moving up in the world!

Two days left before we head back to work. I'm in denial.


* 'Found it' is kind of a loose description of what happened. More accurately, you could say I dug around in the box until I found something squishy. I had a need, ok?