Sunday, 27 April 2008

Easy like Sunday morning

A funny thing happened this morning.

I woke up early and set about trying to finish the pi shawl blanky in bed, having been up 'til midnight the night before getting most of it done. My God does a shawl edge take forever!

Sean was beside me, reading, and it was a lovely, peaceful Sunday morning.

Then, the worst happened, I ran out of the purple wool I've used on the bigger rounds of the shawl. Just like that! All gone.

In an instant, I remembered that many moons ago, I started a jumper which I abandoned about half way through. It had some of the purple (or Damson, as it's actually called) in it. It looked like this -

Pink and purple stripes? What WAS I thinking?

So with mere inches to go, Sean unravelled part of a sleeve as if his life depended on it (well, the peace of his Sunday morning did, at any rate!) and I knitted it into the shawl. All before breakfast! He's a good husband, huh?

Soon, the shawl was in the bath soaking and not long after, at Sean's suggestion, I pinned it out on the lounge room floor. The only other room in the house with enough floor space is currently being painted, so that wasn't gonna work.

Having it pinned out on the lounge room floor has been fun today. I've sat with a cup of tea and admired it. I've pondered the blocking issues (note to self: double size of pin collection. Soon!) and I've stopped to adjust pins on my way past.

The first photo I took of the whole thing really didn't show the scale. So I called on The Yarn Harlot for help. She's even the right colour! Elizabeth Zimmerman wasn't wrong when she said that 576 stitches is enough. I almost kept going for another few rounds, thinking it wasn't big enough. I was even tempted to go as far as Brooklyntweed did - he made it to over 1000 stitches! But actually, it's huge. In a good way.

I'll do a proper write up when it's dry and a certain husband has finally got to snuggle up to it. He's pretty taken with it and if he'll let me, I'll tell a cute story about him and his childhood blanky