Saturday, 5 April 2008

Jacket Sneak Peek

I've just now finished sewing on all sixteen buttons on the jacket. Yes, I made sixteen button holes. When I was in Sydney, this was universally deemed a dumb move but there was no way I was redoing the band.

Instead, we chose small buttons and here they are.

I'm more thrilled with them than I can say. They are the perfect size (now that I've tightened up my floppy button holes!) and they are just the right look. I showed Sean and he said, 'RoseRed has a great eye!' and it's true. She does. We chose them together but she gently pushed me in the direction of these when I was unsure about these or another button.

They're perfect. Thank you for buying them for me, RoseRed. I love them.

I will model the jacket when I am not sitting around in tracksuit pants with unwashed hair! It needs a final press.