Sunday, 6 April 2008

C'est finis!

Here is the steeked jacket. I've written loads about it so I don't feel the need to go over all that again (thank goodness, you all say to the screen).

Sean and I headed out for a late afternoon photo shoot. I instructed him to do his best BrooklynTweed impersonation but in the end, I think he did a pretty good job of being himself. I hope you all agree. Note the compost in the background. We've gone for an earthy feel. ;-)

The full length shot.

Now the different angles. The front right panel. With buttons, of course.

The back right shoulder. Not sure why we've gone for so many right sided shots!

The back.

And a dorky shot in which Sean urged me to point at something in distance, but it shows the sleeve seam at any rate, which is I think what he was trying to do.

So that's it. It is absolutely, officially, completely done. It's full of mistakes. Absolutely riddled with them. And I had to steam block the shoulders into submission.

I remember all the angst and I look now and think, you know what? I'm gonna wear it, even though it's full of mistakes. I don't see the ones in the fair isle pattern part anymore (and they're most definitely there). I see them if I look for them but looking at it, they don't really show up. I'm more concerned with some issues around the fit and the way it sits but I suspect that just more of me being angsty. I'm good at that.

Now if the weather would just cool down some more. Not long to go.