Sunday, 13 April 2008

A mixed bag & a contest

A quick post with a couple of photos.

This spud came from my garden.

Isn't it hilarious? I almost felt bad chopping him up for dinner. He's simmering in a big pot of minestrone right now. Vale Mr Spud. You've amused me for weeks.

This afternoon, we went to visit Georgie and help pack up her house. A spot of cleaning, a bit of packing and some hanging out with PJ, who in turn hung out with RoseRed's sock yarn, Cherry.

Can you spot the sock yarn? It's hard to tell here, but she's in the pirate ship. Ahoy matey! She certainly gets around.

This Thursday, it's my second blogoversary. Second! I'm so happy to have been around for a couple of years. I love blogging. It's my 'happy place.'

To celebrate, everyone who leaves a comment this week goes in the draw for a prize. Last year, the prize was won by Generally Gemma.

Who will it be this year?