Saturday, 12 April 2008

All good things

We're all about comfort here at the moment. Whatever feels good. It's not indulgence. It's just self care, I guess you'd say. Soon, we're both going to have a week's leave and we can't wait.

In the meantime, the weekends are for good things, like the chicken that's roasting in the oven (practically a Saturday night tradition now) and the wine I'm drinking and the tiny little trees we had delivered today.

All good things.

Since Sarah asked, here's how the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl Blanky is looking. It's plain, yes and all curled up on the circular needle, it's not resembling anything like a blanket yet, but it's a good, straightfoward, and yes, comforting, knit.

It's officially a week old today and growing all the time. I figured out pretty quickly I was going to grow decidedly bored with just endless stockinette stitch so after the first few circles, I started adding in a k2tog/yo row every sixth round. I can't claim this idea as my own. Full credit to Brooklyntweed. Although he used this pattern for the whole blanket, not just the bigger circles.

I've gone from the 9 stitch beginning to 288 stitches in next to no time. I highly recommend this pattern - or really, it's a recipe more so than a pattern. Take a basic concept and let your imagination go wild. Or keep it simple, like this one. Either way, I think it's pretty hard to go wrong.

This morning, we took RoseRed's Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn to the Belconnen markets. Sean and I shared a lemon and raspberry tart for morning tea.

And at the post office were several parcels for me, including my winnings from a recent contest. A few weeks ago I promoted a store, GingerKnits. In doing so, I won a $50 voucher. It was very generous of Meg to offer this prize! I had trouble choosing my prize but eventually settled on two skeins of Meg's handspun.

They're both a little more green than the blue they look here and they're lovely.

I have some nice ideas for them, like maybe some wrist warmers or a hat or something else that's a small, satisfying project.

Thanks Meg. I'm thrilled with my winnings.

There's the timer going off. Time to go eat that bird.