Monday, 5 May 2008

Because it's Mythbusters night

I'm not entirely sure I have a blog post's worth of stuff to say tonight, or indeed enough photos to make it worth anyone's while, but it's 7:30 Monday night and Mythbusters is on. I hate Mythbusters. I find it unbelievably dull. I'm happy for Sean that it's one of the TV highlights of his week but it's also my blogging time. I ALWAYS write a post on Monday nights at 7:30.

So, here I am. You'll just have to deal with my lack of focused content!

But I'll start with this.

Over at Chronic Ennui, Kim has declared her Strawberry Cookie/Cake is 'the easiest and yummiest recipe that one can whip up in record time!'

I'll give it a go and see if she's right, because over at SadieandLance Bianca has provided, unwittingly, a recipe to rival it in speed.

If you grew up in Australia, chances are your mum, your aunty, your grandmother, or perhaps even you, made this recipe. It's the most basic, store cupboard easy chocolate slice recipe you're likely to come across. Recently, Bianca posted it and I don't think she had any idea of it's being so happily received. It's showing up all over the place. I once scorned slice. But no more. Here's mine.

Do you know what's so good about it? It takes 10minutes to prepare, 20minutes to cook, then you ice it. Soooo easy. And it doesn't require cooking chocolate. Just baking cocoa. *Someone* in my house eats all the cooking chocolate (although he denies this, the empty packets, left in the cupboard to fool me, are fooling no one). No one ever eats the baking cocoa.

I made it, somewhat anxiously, to take to an afternoon tea with old uni mates yesterday. Admittedly we're all in our late 30s and early 40s now and have mellowed somewhat, but I was still anxious about turning up, slice in hand, to a gathering with a handful of cool people. I felt it was something more fitting to showing up with at a ladies' Christian fellowship (apologies to Christian ladies) and not a bunch of wine swilling, rowdy former uni mates who wanted to take to the memory of our old days with a mix of wild and hilarious scorn and nostalgia.

But I concede, a good slice is a good slice and this was snarfed (is that a real word? I've been saying it a lot lately) by everyone, from the cute 2 year old to those in their 40s. And the recipe was asked for.

So there you go, Bianca. You've done us all a favour. Thank you.

And I made with salted butter too - because that was, mysteriously, all I had. I never buy it. Sean must have bought it by accident. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And no one commented. No one noticed! Crisis averted! Salted butter CAN be ok!


In other news, well there isn't much. We've been painting our much neglected spare room; I've been injecting myself with fertility drugs; we've been tending the baby plants in the garden and I've been going hell for leather on the green pi shawl. Here's the original photo, in case you've forgotten what it looks like.

It doesn't look much different to this, just bigger, with some lace diamonds worked into it.

The 2.5 year old girl who inhaled my 'shlocklate' slice yesterday watched me knitting this and said the following, 'My mummy made me a jumper. Is that your jumper?'

Too, too cute.

OK, that's knocked over half of Mythbusters. I'll go read some blogs.


ps a special shout out to Tinkingbell. She sent me a Box of Happy today, like RoseRed did. People are so great. Many of them. I love people.