Friday, 2 May 2008

Warning: Cuteness alert

Is there anything nicer in the world than a little person who truly appreciates your knitted gifts? There have been two instances recently where I've had the chance to learn that my beloved nephew, Will, who is just four years old, loves what 'Aunty Bells' makes for him.

For his birthday, I made him his first pair of knitted socks. Note the hardwood floors in his house. They soon became known as the 'slippery socks' and then later, after a collision with the corner of a cabinet, the 'naughty socks'.

However, despite the collision, he apparently still loves them enough that on a recent trip to Brisbane, he was telling people about the socks that Aunty Bells knitted for him. Awww.

Then, a few nights ago, the phone rang in the evening and it was Will - well, it was my sister calling me for him. He was in the bath and apparently had something to tell me. He'd been washing his face with a facewasher I made from Peaches n Cream. The conversation went like this:

Will: Did Aunty Bells knit this?
Adele: Yes she did.
Will: For me?
Adele: Well, for all of us.
Will: We should say thank you.
Adele: Would you like me to get her on the phone?
Will: Yes.

And so they called and, on speaker phone (because he's shy of actually speaking on the phone) he told me all about how he loves the face cloth and said a big thank you.

That's pretty special, huh? What a dude. And here's a photo of him, just because I love him.

I think I need to knit a jumper for him now. He's old enough to appreciate it.


Thanks for all the tips and suggestions on dealing with migraines. Sadly, while on IVF meds, there really is very little that can be done, including caffeine (well, minimal caffeine) and the gamut of migraine medications which I'd normally be able to take. One thing I found really helped on Wednesday morning was spending longer than is really allowed on water restrictions standing under warm water in the shower. So very soothing.