Thursday, 8 May 2008

The jacket does lunch

Today was a special day. The steeked jacket got to go on its first official outing.

I put it on this morning, without fanfare, just, you know, easing into it and stood in the kitchen drinking my early morning tea. Sean spotted me in it and gave me a big hug.

I put on some lovely blue earrings RoseRed gave me in the Box of HappyTM and went out into the chilly world. With a coat on.

This ain't Scandanavia, people. No one in their right mind needs a coat AND a fair isle jacket in May in Canberra. It's cold in the mornings, but not glacial.

And I felt very bulky on the bus. Never mind.

I got to work before most people so took off the coat, hung it up, and waited. No one said, 'wow did you make that?' because no one was there but by the time my supervisor, who is a sometimes knitter, arrived at work I knew she'd say something. And she did.

She stroked and purred and admired. She baulked at the idea of cutting your knitting. And I only pointed out a modicum of errors.

At lunch time, Quilting Mick and Georgie insisted on seeing me for proof that the jacket was indeed being worn. Just quietly, I think they believed me, they just wanted an excuse (as if we needed one) for lunch.

And here I am.

Photo courtesy of Quilting Mick's phone.

What happened today was that the jacket stopped being primarily a piece of knitting and it became a piece of clothing.

It also gave me something to stare at during a team meeting. I found mistakes in the pattern I didn't know were there before today but thought little of them. They are a part of the fabric and I made them.

Is it a stretch to see the jacket, and indeed anything we knit, as a metaphor for life?