Sunday, 11 May 2008

Airing of the Stash

To quote Brenda Dayne, this weekend I conducted the annual Airing of the Stash. The fact that I last did it two years ago, properly, is but a small point.

I believe in this photo was I was thinking, 'Shit, how did I acquire so much yarn?'

This is our spare room, which we finally painted two years after we moved in. We painted the whole house before we moved in, but ran out of time to paint what would later become known and the Junk Room. And oh what junk was in there. Gathered in with the junk was the Stash. I thought I'd take advantage of it being empty and spread the stash around for sorting. And discovering.

I heard The Yarn Harlot discussing her stash on Stash and Burn recently. She talked about digging down into the stash, discovering the archeological layers.

She wasn't wrong.

Apparently, in my early years of stashing (say, 2003/4) I was into mohair. In a big way. If it was fuzzy, I bought it. I have enough to live on now. It's safe to say I won't be buying more any time soon. I can also confidently declare that I wasn't so much into novelty yarn in the early days. There were a few misguided purchases of which we shall not speak, but on the whole, I liked wool. Just wool.

But the stash is now somewhat more organised and Sean is somewhat happier. He's quite right when he says my stuff takes up the most room here. I ought to manage that better.

What wasn't so smart in doing this job this weekend is that the Old Bus Depot Markets wool day is on next weekend. If I come home with new stash, there will be questions asked.

To be honest I feel a little overwhelmed by the stash. A cupboard bursting at the seams with sock yarn and laceweight is plenty to get by on.

Amy, in case you're worried, I'm not engaging in Stash Guilt. Rather, it's a case of being spoiled for choice. Where to next?


This weekend I planted some bulbs. From Garden Express, we managed to order a bulk lot of approximately 250 bulbs for some ridiculously low amount. This is just one of them.

We had a blast this morning putting the tulips, daffodils and jonquils 'to bed'. That's what it felt like. And still there are loads to go. Next weekend.

And finally, I took some photos on my walk this afternoon and got rather interested in the anatomy of a pine cone.

It's the leftovers of someone's lunch, isn't it?

There's knitting to report, but I'll save that for during the week.

Is it really Sunday night again?