Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pretty things

I've got some stuff to show off. A random collection of pretty things that have come my way.

First up, the final part of the box that came from Amy in Rhode Island a couple of weeks ago. It's her Pay It Forward gift to me (and a timely reminder that I need to make some too!)
It's one of Amy's hand made books. Isn't it gorgeous?! The red paper is very fine and delicate and the whole thing is beautifully put together. Thank you, Amy!

Next is some fibre from Queen of the Froggers! I won Lin's blog contest!

Some of it is spun.

And some of it isn't!

What I haven't got a photo of right now is the drop spindle that came with it and sadly snapped in transit from the UK. I was devastated when I opened it at work, but Sean thinks he can fix it - and when he does, I'm going to give spinning a go. I don't imagine I'll ever become an obsessive spinner, but I would like to try it.

Remind me of that when in six months time from now I am spinning in my sleep, ok?

So thank you, Lin. It's so beautiful and I keep stroking it all and wondering what I will make of it.

Also, some flowers I got last week from a friend who thought I could use some cheering up. She was right. I needed it and they helped.

It's strange but lovely, when you think about it - receiving flowers because you get your period. Imagine how much brighter each month would be if we got flowers when the cramps set in, and not just because it meant yet another failure.

So thanks friends for pretty things. I value and treasure each one of them.