Friday, 30 May 2008

Canberra to South Carolina

I love it when an opportunity presents itself.

A few months ago, one of Sean's brothers (he has four) spent a month in Canton, Ohio for work. Knowing that Julie, the Samurai Knitter had grown up in Ohio, I wrote to her, wondering if Canton was anywhere near where she had grown up.

Apparently, it was where she had grown up. We had a bit of a laugh about how small the world is.

I knew Sean's brother would be going back some time soon and I filed that information away for future reference. You see, I had plans.

In the meantime, I started putting together a package of stuff for Julie, mostly as a way of saying thank you for fourteen months worth of support for this.

The jacket - not the nephew!

A few days ago, Sean's brother announced he'd be going back to Canton for a month, maybe two. And that there's a chance he could go there for two to three years (hello! Overseas holiday!)

I spent a mad hour or two after work today compiling the last of the things I wanted to send with my brother in law.

The point of all this is that Julie's in laws still live in the area. Julie doesn't - she's moved far away. But we cooked up a plan. My brother in law will meet up with Julie's in-laws in Canton, handing over the package. In September, they're going to visit Julie and will deliver the package to her in person.

Is this not a very cool plan? From Canberra to South Carolina, in just two easy moves. I've explained this to Sean's brother, that there's a couple in Ohio who would like to take him out to dinner (yes, they have offered and that just blows me away) and that he will have to hand over a package. He's like a drug mule, minus the drugs.

I'm still not sure he gets it. I may not have adequately explained that these are people I've never met - actually they are the in-laws of someone I've never met. And they are looking forward to hearing from him when he gets there. He'll probably wonder what the hell is in the lumpy, bumpy package, but I can't say here, because that would be telling and it's supposed to be a surprise.

I wish there was room in his suitcase.