Monday, 23 June 2008

I have seen you in your sweaters

Two garments have come off the needles recently. One for a baby, and one for me.

First, the baby one. It's been gifted now to George, who is, as we all know, beautifully heavy with child, so it can be posted here.

This has long been a standard baby item I've made. In 2000 when I first returned to crochet (and before I was remotely interested in knitting), I bought a Patons booklet with simple baby patterns designed in good old Bluebell (a 5ply or sportweight yarn). I made patterns from it for anyone who was having a baby, including cute overalls, a blanket and this jacket.

It was a delight to return to the book. It brought back some really happy memories of babies I'd crocheted for years ago. That's pretty gratifying. Anyway, the book must be out of print now because I can't even find it on the net and the babies I first made stuff for are all now in school.

Next, is my Cutaway Cardigan. It's been on the needles since March and really, is so simple that I am embarrassed how long it took me. I got bored, I guess. A bit distracted by the Pi Shawl, socks and my clapotis.

And speaking of boredom, most of a day given over to seaming is not my idea of fun. Note how much yarn I had left of the Zara. I was cutting it fine, huh? 5g or 0.17 ounces. Eek!

It did rather drag on, but I sat in the sun at the dining table and followed the advice of my mum who said on the phone, 'You've never really liked this part, have you?'

Ah, no. I must have called her and complained before.

Still, it's done now. RoseRed had given me a deadline of 22 June to get it done (so we could buy treats) and I made it. It's drying by the back the back door (where we get the most sunlight - remind me never to get hairy pets!) and it has the best button!

I bought it at the Newtown button shop, All Buttons, the day RoseRed and I met to buy buttons for my steeked jacket. I'm glad I bought it, not just because I like it and think it suits the cardigan, but because attaching the button was pretty much the only thing spurring me on during the Sunday Seaming Marathon.

I'll wear it some time soon and give you a proper look at it.