Saturday, 7 June 2008

A Knit Along, A Cardigan, A Sister and a Bottle of Bordeaux

Winter is now officially upon as. Just as the Americans treat Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer, I like to think of this weekend, the Queens Birthday long weekend, as the start of winter. I love winter. Truly I do. Cardigans. Red wine. Hand knitted socks. Warm food on the stove. And July.

July is going to be fun, I've decided. It's a month I'm quite fond of, being my birthday month and this year, instead of bemoaning the whole turning-36-and-still-not-pregnant thing, which quite frankly can get me down at the best of times, I've made plans.

A few days ago, I just thought those plans would include a visit from my sister and nephew, stretching out the birthday celebrations over a week and probably a work trip to Alice Springs. Those are all fine plans, but now, thanks to RoseRed's foresight, I've got something else to add to the list. She emailed me on Friday afternoon and alerted me to the fact that something exciting had been announced.

The Tour De France Knit Along! See that lovely new button in my side bar? It takes you to the blog and means I'm in the Green Jersey team. That means (and I hope it's ok to lift text from the blog):

Green Jersey – also known as a Sprinter. You are choosing a project of average skill for yourself BUT you plan to speed knit and finish it before the end of the Tour. This category is all about the race against the clock.

It took me all of 15 minutes to figure out what I'd do. The team behind this Knit Along have given participants a fairly broad opening for the theme and in my attempt to come up with something French, I've gone about as broad as you can.

Adele is a lovely French name, non? My family is not French but I believe the family story goes that Dad was reading a book when Mum was pregnant and came home announcing that he loved the name Adele. And so my yet to be born little sister got her name.

I, as a result, have my project for the Tour De France Knit Along. I've been planning for some weeks to knit a cardigan for Adele and she's been perusing the pattern links I've sent her throughout the week.

A pattern was chosen (a Cleckheaton cardigan - I'll blog it later). Yarn was selected. And at the last minute, the knit along was announced. Perfect synchronicity.

So I will be sprinting throughout July, sprinting to get my sister's first made-by-me cardigan done - cast on is July 5. Cast off is July 27 (or before).

Wish me luck! And if you think you're up for it, check out the blog and pick a Jersey team for yourself! Sign ups are limited so move quickly!

Not interested in cycling? That's ok, because I'm only in it for the scenery and I bet I'm not the only one! The cycling is just one small part of it. Really, it's just a way to combine more knitting and more TV watching as well as joining lots of other people and getting to know new friends. I've met a new one already. The Green jersey team leader is Sarah at Blue Garter. The world grows ever smaller.

On the coldest, greyest days in July, I'll be hanging out in a European summer in my mind and at some point, drinking a bottle of Bordeaux we were given as a wedding present. That seems fitting.