Thursday, 5 June 2008

Generally Thoughtful

Do you read Generally Gemma?I started reading Gemma's blog right back in the beginning. I have no idea how I found her but find her I did, and I have been reading ever since, admiring her stunning photos and gentle, often humorous take on life in England.

Today, as we were trudging off to work at dawn, cold and grumpy, I spied a parcel at my front door. We tend to use our back door mostly but sometimes parcels are left under the door mat at our front door. Since we arrive home in the dark these days, we miss seeing deliveries. (Note to self: always check the front door at night!)

Given we were on the brink of missing our bus, I grabbed the box and thrust it in my bag, noting first though that it was from Gemma in England! Woo hoo!

Once at work, I opened it and the women in my team flocked and cooed. I get stuff delivered to work quite a bit and my workmates are always keen to look and touch and smell. Yes, smell. One colleague looks like she's getting high when she holds the latest skein of whatever I've got to her nose. I have to steal it back!

They don't know at work that I blog so I don't tell them that sometimes the booty is from people I've never met.

"Is it your birthday?' asked the Crazy Lady* who drives us all insane.

"No. It's just a gift."

"For no reason?" she looked astounded.

"Well, not for NO reason, but you know, just because. She's a friend. She was being nice."

The Crazy Lady didn't seem to get it.

So without further ado, here's what Gemma so thoughtfully sent to me. I'm sure none of you are Crazy Ladies who don't understand random acts of kindness.

There's a beautiful sunflower card (sunflowers are right up there in terms of personal favourites), cute Hello Panda chocolates, a box of Men's chocolates (so Sean didn't feel left out, he's chuffed), a lovely project bag Gemma made herself and a skein of the prettiest yarn!

Here's a close up of the label.

And a closer shot of the yarn.

I've not come across Easy Knits before but the squish factor and the gentle appeal of the colours made me check out the online store at once. Beautiful colours with names like Sunflower and Ruby Slipper. Yum. Delightful.

Gemma also kindly included a vial of Rescue Remedy drops. A colleague, on seeing this, told me she's a big fan and has often wished you could get it in pints! Given the kinds of days I'm having at work at the moment, I left it there. I think I'm going to need it (see *Crazy Lady above).

So thank you, Gemma, for sending me some sunshine in a package. It was both needed and appreciated.

Oh and I realise I haven't posted any real knitting in a while - there's a good reason for that. Someone is having a baby soon and I've been busy! You can't post that stuff before it's given!