Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A special bus ride

In my foggy, cold induced haze, I completely neglected to mention that yesterday afternoon RoseRed arrived from Sydney. She is working in the Canberra office and stayed with us last night.

A brief but lovely visit with one of the highlights being she came along on my morning bus commute.

Now, I don't knit on the bus to get attention. I mostly just put my ipod on, get to work on my knitting and zone out for half an hour. I'm sure most of the people on my bus route are used to me now and pay little to no attention to me knitting away, which is as I like it.

However, this morning, two knitters, sitting up the front, seemed to draw a fair amount of attention. Did you notice, RoseRed? We chatted away, knitting on a sock (her) and a dishcloth (me) and had a merry old time, which is something considering I think neither of us are particularly social in the mornings generally.

Knitting company on the bus is so very nice. I wish that all bus rides could be that fun. And I'll say this for knitting beside a knitting buddy in cramped quarters - you don't mind at all the elbow bumping that goes on!