Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Stuffed up

A sciencey sort of guy I once worked for said he had a theory that the human race can be divided into roughly two camps. Those who get mainly abdominal illnesses and those who get mainly respiratory issues. I'm not a scientist so I don't know if that's altogether true (someone out there is bound to know something) but it seems to hold for me. I'm the person most likely to vomit, get cramps or some something bowel related. For a long time (and now reformed) smoker, I never seemed to get respiratory problems, like colds, coughs etc, except for maybe once every few years.

The time has come for that once in a while infection. I've got a doozy of a head cold and it's travelling south as we speak, with my ex-smoker lungs feeling more and more congested by the hour.

And what's the one benefit of all this? Not going to work. I did try yesterday. I went in thinking maybe I'd perk up as the day warmed up but somehow, my wheezing and sniffling weren't appreciated by the inhabitants of that germ breeding ground called The Office and I packed myself off home by 10am. 

Do sensible people go to bed when they feel like this? I think they must. Sean says they do but he knows me and knows that going to bed to sleep in the middle of day is anathema to me.  Isn't sitting on the couch knitting and watching Anne of Green Gables just as restful? (Oh Gilbert...sigh) Or it would be if tearing up at scenes such as when Matthew died didn't clog up my sinuses even more than they were to start with.

And surely, completing a cute little mitten in just a few hours is a way to make sure a cold is nothing if not productive. 

I think it looks quite big considering it's for a little boy - but then mittens are supposed to be quite roomy, aren't they?

It's made from Cleckheaton Country 8ply and it's for Will. Who else?

I'm seeing him on Saturday when Adele and I head out for our annual Sisters Day Out, to the Good Food and Wine show in Sydney. We've done it every year since he was born. That first year, Will was only a couple of months old and it was Adele's first day out without him. Now, he does fun stuff like going to the zoo with his dad. Meanwhile we go crazy at the show. 

Now, to cast on that second mitten and watch Part Two of Anne of Green Gables while coughing up a lung. I'm determined to be better by Saturday.