Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Yarn spaghetti and my clapotis

Want to see how I spent my Queen's Birthday long weekend Monday?

Like this.

This is some Fleece Artist yarn I bought a long time ago in a sale in the US that RoseRed and I took advantage of. I held onto it for ages and you know how skeins that sit around for a while can come undone a bit? Well, this one did. Our neice, who is eight, came over on Sunday and I employed her to help me wind many skeins.

We did all of this.

But when it came to the Fleece Artist, things went terribly awry and we gave it up for a joke. The next day, I started early trying to untangle it and soon, Sean joined in. I was so grateful for his help because my God it was slow. For a while we found it quite nice, sitting together, doing it bit by bit but after a few hours, well it just became painful.

The top photo is how it looks even now. I'll do it in stages but if anyone has suggestions for how it can be done faster, I'd like to know. I've had to cut it several times. I wouldn't bother ordinarily but i love this yarn and adore the colours so damn it, I'm not giving up!

In the meantime, my clapotis is coming along nicely although I'm trying to finish another cardigan so it's only getting intermittent attention.

I'm just loving it. It's quite huge though so it'll definitely be more of a wrap than a scarf. I really didn't have a sense, when I was starting it, how large it could be and just followed the pattern as written, knowing I had plenty of yarn. I've just joined up the last skein so am on the homeward stretch now.

June is definitely my month for finishing off stuff and yesterday, I added mittens for Will to my list. I'm seeing him weekend after next and I'm excited to have something warm for his little hands.