Thursday, 21 August 2008

Big Wheel

Some time ago, when I was given a huge bale of ready to spin wool by my father in law, I was contacted soon after by Zephyrama who I knew a little from her blog and from Ravelry. It seems the generous soul had a spare spinning wheel wanted to know if I would like to borrow it. Sorry, her.

Would I?

Naturally I said yes. 

Plans were made involving Zeph's other half loading it up in the car and driving it some hours down the highway when he was heading to Canberra on other business. 

Two days ago, it arrived and I've been out every night this week and have barely had a chance to touch it.

This weekend, I plan to give it a go, along with the teach yourself spinning book that Julie gave me.

Just quietly, I'm petrified. But there's no better way to learn that to just jump in, right? And you know what, one of the things I'm scared of is finding myself searching for ways to fit another obsession into my life. Because, as Sean likes to say, I'm nothing if not obsessive.

Wish me luck with the big wheel.

And thank you Zeph. I'll take good care of her. Extra special good care.