Sunday, 24 August 2008

New adventures in Spinning

There were requests for photos of me learning to spin.

I'm afraid I can't bring you any of those. Instead, I bring you photos of Sean behind the wheel!


I kid you not. Here's an action shot, just so you believe me.


How did this happen? Well might you ask.

There I was, taking the advice of sage readers who suggested that I just sit and treadle for a while. Sean was watching. He'd taken great interest in the setting up part (the book is very helpful on that front, Julie!) and was watching the way the bobbin and flyer seemed to stop and rotate backwards and forwards instead of spinning around in nice, even revolutions. 

He said it's because I lack rhythm. He's no doubt right. But I got there and after a while, started to awkwardly get the hang of revolutions.

Then, he wanted a go. And you know what? The cheeky bugger sat down and got nice, even revolutions immediately. 


I was both impressed and mortified. 

Seriously though, who wouldn't be proud?

I'll finish with some photos of spring from the really beautiful weekend Canberrans were granted.

My first snow drop! I love these. They make me feel I must be somewhere alpine.


A pretty red pansy.

And a mighty daffodil.
Happy happy weekend!