Friday, 29 August 2008

Early Mark

Today being Friday, and the end of a good but draining week, I took an early mark from work and found myself, for the first time in a long time, standing in late afternoon sunshine in my garden on a week day.

What to do? The cleaner had been earlier and Sean will do dinner later, so I was free! Here's how I spent the fading afternoon.

I went exploring first. More signs of spring have appeared during our weekday absences.

Our first anenome, just unfurling.


And here's one of the tiny grape hyacinths. They always make me think 'purple mushroom'. Maybe that's just me?


And then, when it was time to come inside, I gathered my Shetland Lace Triangle shawl, newly finished and soaking in the bathroom sink, and set about pinning it out.

A full shot over the weekend, when it's dry. I can't wait. This is love.

Great start to the weekend huh?