Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Loving lace

So, if you've been around a while you'd know what I'm talking about when I say the last couple of summers for me have been more or less spoken for in terms of what's been on the needles.

Summer of 06, I started the Steeked Jacket and was pretty consumed by learning all those new techniques. Fair isle, continental knitting, blah blah blah.

Summer of 07, I was still working on the jacket and also, with RoseRed, was running the Southern Summer of Socks Knit Along. That was a hoot. We're not sure whether to run it again this year. Maybe, maybe not. 

Me, I kind of like the idea of a summer that's not pre-determined. Of course, the moment I had that thought at my desk today, I started thinking about great summer knits. 

Last year, I knit my first lace triangle shawl, the simple and beautiful Forest Canopy Shawl which, I have to say, has been my most worn piece of knitwear this year. I wear nearly every day (I wear black to work most days so it goes well). And soon, very soon, I'll have a second triangular shawl which is just days away from being cast off. 

In January this year, when I was knitting the Forest Canopy, I decided that summer is a great time for lace. The yarn is light. It doesn't get too hot in your hands and the slow (for me) pace is suited to lazy summer afternoons. 

Then I started thinking about my lace weight and fingering weight yarn that has just been quietly accumulating in my stash and how much I suddenly want to work with it. 

So, this summer, I declare a personal journey of lace will begin. I'm largely inspired by people such as The Fairy GodKnitter, Knitabulous, Samurai KnitterSusan PandorfPrincess Pea and a host of others who routinely churn out beautiful, delicate stuff. 

So, in anticipation of a delicate, gossamer summer, I present some of my favourites from my collection. Some have been with me from early one. Like this alpaca silk blend, a gift from Julie. I think it wants to be a Swallowtail Shawl.


Or this recent purchase from Knitpicks. This wants to be an Adamas Shawl.


This is called Tanzanite and was a birthday gift from RoseRed. I knew what it wanted to be when I chose but I'm buggered if I can remember now. It'll come to me.


This was another gift from Julie, from her own dye pot. I've never quite figured out what it wants to be but its time is coming.


And here's some more Socks that Rock in Mustang Sally. It's going to be something beautiful when it's grown up. Possibly a Red Emperor.

mustang sally

And this one's a special beauty, from Donni's dye pot. I spotted it high on a shelf when I was at her house in June and knew I had to have it. She sold it to me on the spot and I long to try it out. Maybe it'll be a Pretty As a Peacock shawl, if I'm brave.

So you see, I have plenty to work with and this isn't even all of it. It won't ALL be knit this summer because I have some other things I plan to work on which will be very important, but I'm going to have fun choosing the best ways to use it. 

It's not a knit along, but I wondered if anyone wanted to spend summer exploring their lace-love with me? Beginners or not, it could be fun. I'm still a little afraid of laceweight yarn and complex projects but I want very much to overcome that fear. It's going to be special. I'm sure of it.