Sunday, 10 August 2008

Finished - Adele's Cardigan

This weekend, I finally got to give Adele her cardigan. We drove to Sydney and in the afternoon, we took Will to the park and Adele got to be a model. She made out like she was embarrassed. I think she loved it. You can tell.

Doesn't it suit her well?

It's like it was made for her. ha ha.

And some detail shots. Here's the back and hemline. A hint of rolling, which works well I think.

And the neck which, after all that fear and trepidation last week, turned out just right.

Now, for the vitals:

Pattern: Elegant Eyelet Cardigan from Cleckheaton Studio Mohair booklet 941. I've made this twice and it turned out even better the second time. You'd hope so too, given I've learned a lot in the intervening two years.
Yarn: Eki Riva Leisure Alpaca which is an 8ply/DK weight yarn that I bought from Prestige Yarns at a scandalous sale price. It's so soft. It's knitted up so drapey, with just a hint of a halo. I'll use this again.
Needles: Knit Picks Options circulars 4mm/size 6.
Time: July 5 2008 - 27 July 2008 - for the knitting part at least. I earned my green sprinters jersey in the Tour De France Knit Along! But it took me a week and a bit to get it all finalised.
Modifications: I made it longer in the sleeves and body for Adele. I knit the garter stitch hems on the 4mm needles instead of the 3.75mm needles specified. And I knitted the band on, instead of making it separately and attaching it. A good move, I think.

I absolutely loved making this. Every stitch was a joy, well, except for the bits where I thought I'd messed up. 

Knitting something which is chosen by its intended recipient, and anticipated as a special gift, is really enjoyable. Knitting at its best. 

And what did the rest of the weekend entail? A fair amount of driving, aided by our friends the Knitted Police.
Lots of fun with Willem, who was, as always, fabulously adorable.

Brunch and laughs with friends, Donni, RoseRed, Nora and Kristie

And on the way home, snow!
Not vast quantities by some standards, but just ask Sean how fun it was to drive in it when it was dark and the snow fall heavy!

What a nice weekend, lots of fun and time out. Perfect.