Monday, 4 August 2008

The Knitting Police

Remember just couple of weeks ago, during the Tour De France knit along, I declared that there were no knitting police?

It seems I was wrong.

These cute as a button (but oh so strict) little dudes arrived by mail at the end of last week, determined to whip my knitting arse into gear. They are the Knitting Gendarmes, for French they must be, I'm sure of it.

They arrived with a label which read "The Knittinged Police."

Somebody has a great sense humour. That person is Jess from Button Beauty, who was inspired to make them after my post on the subject. Too, too cute. Thank you, Jess! Sean and I first saw them on Saturday morning and we laughed and laughed.

Just wait until Will, who loves a puppet, sees them this weekend!

And how, might you ask, is the project going for which I feared the scorn of the knitting police? 

Very well, thank you! All seamed up, one more band to do tonight, then attaching the lace collar. Voila! It will be completed in plenty of time for seeing Adele in Sydney on Saturday. 

Please note the use of stunt buttons, a technique much used by our good friend RoseRed (who is, this very minute, suffering the torture of rigorous pampering in Fiji!!!). The stunt buttons shall be attached before too long. 

Back to it!