Friday, 12 September 2008

12 Things

It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week. I've been sick. After the cold of last week faded, it left in its wake a nasty, chesty cough. I've continued going to work because, well, my whole floor has the same cough. 

So there's not been much energy left for anything else. Even the knitting is suffering a little. But today, I got my act into gear and decided to take part in a nice little photo essay meme that I've seen on Generally Gemma. On the 12th of the month, you post 12 photos taken throughout the day.

Here they are, with my first ever mosaic made using this flickr tool.

My creation

1. vegemite, 2. stop, 3. hands, 4. tulips, 5. view, 6. brooch, 7. hat, 8. lunch, 9. office, 10. broccoli, 11. pansy, 12. dinner

The titles of the photos, chosen randomly before I knew they'd show up like that, don't say much. Maybe they don't need to. 

But I should say that the hands in #3 are Kuka, my bus buddy some days.

The brooch in #6 belongs to, and was made by, Quilting Mick

The beanie in #7 is belongs to Charlotte, the lovely daughter of Bec.  

The tulips in #4 were what greeted Kuka and I when we arrived in the city on the bus. The Canberra tulip festival, Floriade, kicks off today and these giant tulips are on Northbourne Ave and look fabulous!

Normal blogging will resume when I feel like maybe I'm alive again.