Sunday, 14 September 2008

A bit of randomness

Brit-blogger, Princess Pea, tagged me for a meme this week and given I've got little in the way of knitting to talk about, I thought I'd give it a go. I think I may have done it a long time ago but what the hell. 

Actually, I think I may have done the Seven Weird Things meme. Random is not necessarily weird. So here we go.

Seven Random Things about Me

1. I was in a school production of Oklahoma! when I was nine. I played the character called Annie and I had the spotlight for three or four whole lines all to myself. Freaky but thrilling. No idea why that just came to mind.

2. Sean and I figured out we met several times over six years before we met properly. We paid literally no attention to each other. He once visited my group house. Then we met at a friend's birthday on week when we had each broken up with other people. In the end we met properly when a girlfriend took me to a BBQ Sean was hosting at his house. He was hoping that one of his friends would bring a girl he hadn't met before. 

3. I submitted a story to the Women's Weekly when I was sixteen. It was a war romance. I even wrote my age on it, hoping the editor would see I was young and go easy on me. She did. She wrote me a nice letter about how it was a nice story but not what she was looking for and good luck with writing future stories.

4. I hate having my feet touched. Loathe it. The last time I tried a pedicure I almost kicked the girl in the face when she started filing my toenails. It came to an abrupt end. 

5. I adore ABBA. I have done since I was about three. Something about it still connects with me that little girl in an instant. One my earliest memories is singing Mamma Mia with my dad. We always stood on the rug in front of the mantle piece, back to back, trying to do the pose that the ABBA girls did. I thought we were very cool.

6. It took me until I was 22 to figure out I didn't have a sense of smell. I think I spent years pretending I could smell because I thought something was really wrong with me. A boyfriend was the first person to really quiz me on it when I said I couldn't smell the fish and chips we were eating. There is no explanation for why I can't smell, so really, there is something wrong with me. I cope.

7. I enjoy thinking about these things. I'm a total nostalgia junky and I have a memory for strange details. Everyone in my family knows I am the person to ask if they can't remember a date, a detail, a name. Even today, Adele called me from Sydney asking if I could remember the brother of twin sisters we knew from church camp in the 1980s. I remembered in an instant. Weird details come back to me easily but I can't remember what's on my grocery shopping list.

OK, I'm gonna tag some people I want to read more about.

And thanks for all the get well wishes. I'm on the mend, I think. Coughing a lot less violently now and actually sleeping. That makes a huge difference. 

I've also almost finished my alpaca vest. I should be able to post something knitting related this week!