Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Case Full of Chocolate

Last week, I received something at work by special delivery. I knew it was coming because my sister, Adele was starting to panic by the end of the day that I'd not called to say I'd received something from her.

It eventually came the next day and everyone in my team gathered around my desk to see what marvel was inside the huge box I'd collected from the mail room.

There was this case.

We held our collective breath, waiting to see what wonders lay inside.

It was chocolate. One massive block weighing in at 500g or just over 1lb and a series of smaller blocks. That's one enormous block of chocolate and if you haven't noticed what's with it, look closely.

There's a hammer. A fairly weighty hammer, actually. It's to break the chocolate. Adele tells me that it was the hammer that sold her on the concept of buying this for Sean and I. And who would disagree?

The smaller blocks are all gourmet flavours like White Pepper and Cardamom, or Lavendar, or Masala. There's an intriguing one with pink peppercorns in it.

Isn't it amazing? One big case full of love and kindness and indulgence. You can't beat it. 

Adele wrote the next day asking how much of the chocolate was left and was, I think, quite amazed to find we hadn't touched it. We couldn't. For at least 24 hours we wanted it left whole, pristine. Even now, we've only had one small block - the white pepper and cardamom one which was just divine.

We'll be taking it away with us tomorrow, on our little holiday, along with some bottles of wine, books to read and knitting to be worked on. 

We're going to Berry, a small town about 2.5 hours from here. We've got self-catered accommodation with plans for walking, sleeping, eating and sharing a few bottles of wine. I don't think I have to explain that this will be a very good time and will help us to heal a little. 

I'm so looking forward to taking a hammer to that big block of chocolate. How very satisfying that will be. Thank you, Delly. We just love our case full of chocolate.

And to the friends who have sent flowers and cards, also, a huge, huge thank you. Our house feels full of colour and these symbols of kindness and love. It's really lovely.