Thursday, 25 September 2008

What I plan to knit on my holiday

Yesterday, in a case of absolutely perfect timing, my order came from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Late last week, I chose some of their Rustic yarn in 12ply so I could make a Hemlock Ring blanket. I was inspired by a couple of friends and knew the time had come to make my own. It'll be my second BrooklynTweed designed blanket. Love that guy's work.

The timing  of its arrival was so perfect that I had just sat down after a morning of baking and tidying up when the nice delivery man pulled up in my driveway with the lovely big bag of wool.

About an hour and a half later, this is what i had done.


It's good fun. It grows fast and so far isn't too hard to keep track of.

It's a special blanket. During my brief pregnancy, I was planning all sorts of baby knitting, but most especially a blanket. Not this one, per se, but some others. This blanket is my way of not letting myself feel robbed of that experience. It will be a way to remember and I'm thankful to the new friend I've made who, in an email about her experience, told me she had made a blanket in memory of her loss, too.

It'll be the perfect project to work on during our time away. Just a few days. We'll be back next week.