Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Tedium. A definition.

I've been working on this Jo Sharp vest for a while, kinda between other things. And my God is it tedious but at the moment I'm home with a sore throat and a bad head cold so it's really the only knitting I'm up to.


The thing is, I want this vest. It's everything I want in such a garment. Everything. Light, not too clingy, not too traditional. So I must stick with the tedium for now.

This is what it'll look like. 

Mine is made from some baby alpaca, in 5ply/sport weight, which RoseRed found in an alpaca shop in Berrima, outside of Sydney. It's delightfully soft, but quite fine, and will go well as casual or office wear. Kuka tells me that Princess Mary was spotted recently at a playground in Tasmania wearing a vest so vests must be good casual wear, if a Princess can get away with it.

I'd just better get it done. I'm not quite at 20cm of rib yet but it can't be far away, if I would just knuckle down and do it. It's not as much fun as whipping through a shawl in a fortnight, that's for sure. Soon, the weather will be warmer and there'll not be much need for alpaca vests.

Speaking the warmer weather, we just welcomed our first baby basils of the season yesterday. The seeds on my window sill stretched out of the soil into the sunlight! Hooray!

baby basil

Aren't they cute?