Friday, 3 October 2008

Blue Ribbon Day

A couple of weeks ago, I was awarded a very kind Blue Ribbon Award by Nora at Knot Much of a Knitter. She wrote a really lovely little note about why she likes my blog and it seriously made my day. I love praise. Who doesn't? 

I don't remember how I found Nora's blog, but it's a relatively recent and very happy addition to my reading. She's a wonderful knitter (despite her rather amusing blog title) and an often very thought provoking writer. That's a winning combination for me and but for the fact that she already received the award, I'd have given her a nod.

I know some people think these things are a bit like a popularity contest but I kinda like them because they're a nice way to give people who love writing their blogs a bit of boost. Who doesn't love good feedback?

So here's my list of Blue Ribbon 'I love your blog' recipients. A mix of new and old favourites, in no particular order.

RoseRedShoes - It's no secret I'm a fan. We've been friends for 18 months or so now since I first wrote to her out of the blue and suggested we start a blog about Nigella Lawson (which we are sadly neglecting of late!). I love her blog. I love her knitting. I love her wicked sense of humour and I love her amazing stash. Her shoe collection is stunning and I am endlessly inspired by her work. What's not to love?

LilyPily Yarns - I found Terri's blog quite a while ago now. I can't remember how but it might have been through RoseRed. I get a great fix of fine knitting and gorgeous gardening through Terri's blog. And we often find ourselves a little bit aligned in what we're knitting or drawn to, as well as sharing quite a common approach to our gardening. 

Lolly Knitting Around - Probably Lolly is well known to lots of you. She hosts great schemes such as Project Spectrum and Socktoberfest. An endless inspiration with her photos of gardening, knitting and travel, there's something to to take your breath away in her posts. 

Lost Arts Studio - I've been reading Alwen's blog for as long as I can remember reading knitting blogs, just about. I recall the first time I watched winter in Michigan unfold through her stories and photos. I was hooked. Such a far away world. When I post photos of plants and flowers, I am often thinking of Alwen because I draw such inspiration from her view of the natural world and I want to show her things south of the equator. Oh and she does amazing 'lost arts' that are absolutely stunning. 

All Fingers and Thumbs - Sarah is one of the Brit-bloggers I read. She's a fabulous sock knitter, with a great eye for colour and detail. She's funny and obsessed with really beautiful yarn. Visiting her blog is more often than not a bit of a drool-fest. 

So there we go, just a tiny snapshot of my daily reading. These are some of corners of the internet where I go for inspiration, amusement and all manner of good things. 

And so concludes Blogtoberfest post #3. So far so good. 28 days to go.

Tomorrow, the proper write up of the Hemlock Ring blanket, which is just about dry, thanks to the sudden burst of heat.