Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 21: On blogging

Quite some months ago, a meme appeared on Generally Gemma's blog about the kinds of blogs that you like to read. I thought it was a lovely and insightful and bookmarked it on the spot so I could do it myself at some point.

Well, better late than never, and what better time to do it than during this heavily blogged month of Blogtoberfest! I'm throwing in some photos I took an hour ago just for the fun of it, to break up the text.

What makes you enjoy a particular blog? I enjoy a lot of different blogs (mainly knitting, but I veer into other worlds a bit) and the common thread is liveliness, I think. Before I ever started my own tentative steps into blogging, I found myself drawn to the blogs where the writing was lively and engaging.

The blogs I love best have humour, insight and strength of character. If a personality comes through loud and clear (although by that I can mean a gentle character too - I just have to get a sense of it) then I'm very much drawn in. Combine that with a strong photographic presence and you've got a winner, although sometimes one or the other of those elements is enough.

What type of post is your favourite? One that tells a story. I've always loved short stories and if a post explores a subject - any subject - and leaves me feeling like I know a little more about the person and even the subject, then I'll have loved it. Other favourites include the odd personal reflection on some issue or experience which has both poignancy and allows for connection between the author and the reader.

How important are the photographs? In some cases, they're a big part of the reason I'm there. Isn't it amazing how digital photography has made it so much easier to produce high quality pictures? More of us are taking our photography a little more seriously - moving beyond the odd happy snap. If a blogger takes wonderful photos of their work or their world, I adore reading their site. But it's not the be-all and end-all. Mostly it's the writing that gets me in. Photos just add to the appeal.

Does the design of the blog attract you or even stop you from reading it? Sometimes yes. I've tended to keep away from overly crowded blogs or those that don't set their writing out into easily digestible paragraphs and this is purely because I want the visit to be easy on the eye.

Do you like blogs to be colloquial/regional or fairly generic? There's a place for all three. A local view is just as appealing as a global view and there's stuff to be learned and enjoyed from both. I want to know what's going on where you live. I want to visit places online that I may never see in person.

An equal amount of craft and family, or does too much of talking about the kids put you off? I'm all for the lifestyle blog that includes stories and photos of family life. Who doesn't love a cute photo and stories of life on the home front? But I tend to veer away from strictly family blogs because for the most part, they feel personal and I don't really have a place there. 

What else? What are the best words of advice you can give a blogger? I love how regular blogging encourages capturing moments in life. Whether it's a moment about your craft, or a moment that captures something important about life - both ends of the spectrum make for great reading and if you got a photo of it, even better. I think life is a long series of moments, small things that tell the stories of our lives. That's what I love best.

Two things in closing, not related to this meme.

1. I screwed up the last four rows of the shawl last night. I'm about to go and tink back. I did it while watching Bogan Pride and laughing. 

2. If anyone knows what the pink flower is in the second last photo, please tell me. I am unable to determine what it is and as it's growing on the boundary between my house and my unfriendly neighbour's house, I'm reluctant to go digging it or taking cuttings or anything.