Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Day 22: One of those posts

To the best of my knowledge I don't think I've ever done one of those random posts where you just throw stuff down on the screen in a bullet pointed list. Sheepish Annie does it periodically. As does Amy in Rhode Island (who posted a photo of her pretty little bundle of a daughter today!)

So here we go. My first, and maybe last, random bullet point post. Nods to Sheepish Annie. She usually does them on a Wednesday. Must be a way to get over Hump Day.
  • Today was freezing. After a week or so of dressing more or less like it was summer, I pulled out the alpaca vest. Other people pulled out heavy winter coats. I thought that was overkill.
  • I arrived home and found Sean cooking dinner. He cooks quite a bit but usually proceedings don't kick off until well after I'm home. I felt so happy and wondered if he ever feels such supreme joy when he walks in most days to find me cooking dinner for him?
  • I got some yarn in the post today. I may not be able to speak about it just yet but I can safely say that not all of it was for me.
  • Sean thinks I have a cunning scheme set up with various yarn addicted friends. He thinks we bring yarn into the house that is in fact for us but we say it was a group purchasing exercise to put our husbands off the scent. 
  • Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not. I wouldn't rat on my friends or reveal the truth about my own yarn buying habits. 
  • My sister and her family moved into a new house today and when my lovely nephew saw it with all their belongings in it, he apparently declared it all 'beautiful'. That was a little tidbit I carried with me all day to make me smile. 
  • My work mate and I googled ZOMG this afternoon and it made us laugh and laugh. Apparently all the young folk are saying it. If you don't know about it, you're probably not one of the young folk. I only learned about it from Donna who has a teenager.
  • Kuka and I sat on the bus this afternoon discussing BBQs, recipes and putting up shade sails. We are clearly grown up women now. 
  • In less than a month, Sean turns 40. I have found planning what to do/get for him more stressful than any other birthday of his in the ten years we've been together. Admittedly I met him just after he turned 30 so I had no input into that one. And the thing is, I can't even blog about this in any more detail than that, because he does read here most days. I can say we are going to Melbourne for the weekend and eating out somewhere fabulous. But that's it.
  • This trip to Melbourne will be the first time we've ever been on a plane together. I think it's safe to say I suggested this trip partly as a way to get us on a plane together before we hit ten years. Sean is not remotely bothered by this fact but I'm extremely obsessed by it. We must take a plane trip together at least once a decade!!! 
OK that's a wrap. It's time for The New Inventors.