Saturday, 25 October 2008

Day 25: FO - Embossed Leaves II

Finally, I finished a pair of socks. These ones, though I've loved them, have continually been put down to make way for deadline knitting.

They were special though. I started them on July 13 - my birthday. Sean had given me a full set of Knitpicks harmony needles and I felt the need to cast on with some yarn I'd been saving for good.


That yarn was my first ever Socks that Rock in the Ravenclan series - this one is Valkyrie.


The pattern is Embossed Leaves from Interweaves Favourite socks. I've made them before and just love the pattern so much. I'll make it again and again. 


This time I did things a bit differently though. I did the eye of partridge heel you can see above, which I didn't know how to do last time.

And I didn't do the strange cast on the pattern asks for because it's just too damn tight. These ones are probably a little bigger than I normally make - they're roomier - but at least I can pull them up properly.

New socks, in fabulous colours. I love them. And given they are both lace and socks I'll say these fit into the themes of A Long, Lacy Summer and Southern Summer of Socks!