Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Day 7: FO: Alpaca Vest

This whole blogging everyday thing is kind of exhausting. Now I know why I give myself at least two days between posts! It's a good thing I had a few things saved up. In a week or so I can totally see myself running out of steam.

Anyway, onto the a finished object from a few weeks ago now, which just needed a chance to be photographed. Today, the temperature dropped a little so it came out and got worn to work with a brown skirt. 

So, here it is.


Pattern: V Neck vest from Jo Sharp's Knit 1 Magazine.

Yarn: Baby Alpaca, 5ply/sport weight, purchased thanks to RoseRed, from the Alpaca shop in Berrima. She called one day, asked if I wanted some chocolate brown baby alpaca (or 'alpacky' as she likes to say) and I said yes. Lovely stuff. So soft and with a nice twist. And today, in that chilly spring wind, very warm!

Needles: Knitpicks 3.75mm.

Time: August 15 - September 28. It dragged on for a bit with that long band of rib, but the rest happened fast.

Modifications: I knit it in the round. After the last time I did that, I was never going back to knitting flat.


I'm mostly happy with it. It's a size too big although it's hard to tell from the photos. Jo Sharp patterns are often too big, so I'm told by RoseRed. But it's drapey and given I feel porky, it's probably good it's not too fitted. That said, the wide shoulders fall off throughout the day.

I might make another one in a different colour for winter next year, if I can face all that ribbing again. I like the low V. It's a nice change. And I'll definitely buy more of this yarn. It's SO soft.