Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Day 8 - Inspiration Dries Up

So, this Blogtoberfest thing is fun, right? I now have a reason, no an obligation to post every single day.

I'm wordy. I'm busy. I've got stuff to say. I'm never short of a thing or two to chat about. But this afternoon at work, once the craziness that is my job right now settled down, I turned my mind to today's post and thought, 'huh'?

I've done all my big ticket item posts. Finished objects, spring garden shots, major knitting dilemmas. Now what?

When all that falls away, there's just me. And my fingernails clicking on the desk waiting for an idea.

So, I did what I often do when pondering something at work, and I dropped RoseRed a line and said, 'It's day 8 and I've got nothing to write about.'

I waited. And waited. Sometimes she writes back straight away and sometimes she doesn't. Eventually she did and then some. What I got back was a substantial list of ideas for blogposts on those days when I'm stumped. I'll share with you some of the funnier ones and, it has to be said, only the ones that are fit for public consumption. A few of them were not!

Those of you who find yourselves struggling to write a meaty post during Blogtoberfest, feel free to pinch ideas.

1. that it's day 8 and you are out of ideas already (done!)
2. why you started blogging
3. what you love about blogging
4. what you hate about blogging
5. update on current project/s
6. what you are going to knit next
7. plug for SSoS. (yes, Southern Summer of Socks is on again. I meant to say so earlier. It's started already but by all means, go join in. It's not too late and people are seriously enthused again this year!)

8. why I rock - this was my favourite one. RoseRed does indeed rock. I wrote about why just recently. What I didn't say in that post, which I should have, was that she rocks because she makes me laugh via email all day at work. She's not alone on that front. There are others who contribute to my daily entertainment. I'm big on the email chat between tasks, hell, even while doing tasks, at work. You can't beat it.

9. how I've bought the 3 Norah Gaughan pattern books and you are v. jealous. Yeah, well it's true. I am. She has a knitting book library that is, amongst people I know personally at least, unrivalled.

10 what a good procrastinator I am. I think this list is evidence enough of that!

11. how alanis morisette needs to learn the definition of irony. I wonder if someone did ever sort this one out. It's been over a decade. Hopefully she found a dictionary by now!

12. What you really think of Sarah Palin. Oh yeah. This is a good one. I can't stand her. I've been discussing her in emails with some Americans. I can't look away. I wish I could. I think the fact many of us can't look away is part of the problem. I wish she didn't get so much attention, but she does, and it's tragic. Think of a world with her as President, or even just VP. It's horrific.

13. your guilty tv secret (why, yes, I AM thinking of 90210!!!) Yes, it's true, I've been watching the new 90210. It's a bit like Sarah Palin. Excruitiating and overtly moralistic and at the same time, for me at at least, hard to look away from. But it looks like it's been canned after three episodes here. Shame. No, really.

14. your favourite thing that you have knit. I'm gonna save this one for a real post!

15. your favourite yarn (that's in your stash)- ditto!

16. your favourite yarn (that isn't in your stash) And ditto again!

17. your favourite non-knitting blog- another good idea!

See it's not so hard to come up with stuff when you're stumped. RoseRed saved my hide with this list! Thanks lovey!