Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Lace Wrangling

After yesterday's head to head with my personal demons of unreasonably high expectation, I took a deep breath, stepped back and let go of all the inner turmoil about which lace to knit.

It probably sounds a bit strange to be sitting here, not yet at the mid-point of my annual leave, suffering angst and turmoil over lace. You probably think I must be hard up for real concerns if all I've got to worry about is lace, but you know I figure it's a way to channel my angst and turmoil over a bunch of other issues in my life into something more productive. It seems to be a suitable outlet for all that other nasty stuff and in the end, I get a beautiful lace project to admire. 

Worth it? I think so.

It seems everyone, including my mum, was right. Let it go. So I did. And I chose something simpler. My first lace project for the year does not have to be the project made out of the yarn giving me the greatest high. No. It can just be something I like.

To that end, I present the Shaped Triangle Shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I like it.

Shaped Triangle Shawl

I chose it in the end because even though I've done a few triangular shawls this year, I haven't done one at this gauge (it's done on much smaller needles than I've used for lace before) and with shaping in it. The part that sits across your shoulders is shaped, which I'm doing now and I'm curious to see how that works out.

Also, all the other triangle shawls I've done have used the same motif throughout. This one changes about half way through and has a border knitted on at the end. So there, not the same at all! In essence that was why I didn't choose this one to begin with, even though I liked it right away. I feared repetition and wanted to stretch myself. Poo to that. I'm on holidays. I can be repetitious if I bloody well want to! Screw you, personal demons!

The photo above doesn't demonstrate adequately what colour this yarn is. It's not blue, not strictly speaking. Check this photo out instead. 


It's lace weight yarn dyed by the supremely talented Donni. Isn't she clever? I saw it when I was at her house, high up on a shelf, and said I'd love to make something out of it. She sold it to me for a scandalously good price on the spot. Love your work, Donni! 

I'd say it's definitely more of a peacock blue than a regular blue. So again, I might have done a blue triangle shawl recently, but not a peacock blue one!

I seem to recall half way through the year wondering how many blue cardigans I could get away with doing in a year. See, I always say my favourite colour is red, but I knit so much blue. What's with that?